Market Background

PLASTEX 2018 Your Way to a Promising Region:


The Middle East and North Africa is a vast region with a large, growing and youthful population making it one of the most rising consumer markets with a growing demand for a wide range of products and infrastructure requiring plastics from mobile phones to packaging. While much of this is still currently imported there is now massive investment going on in plastics processing operations driving double digit growth in polymer demand.


There is an increasing demand for plastics in Africa. The consumption of plastics had reached 9.7 million tonnes in 2015. This figure is expected to reach over 13.4 million tonnes by 2021. The market has been growing at an average of around 7% per year during the last four years due to more investments in plastics processing, urbanization rates, fast growing population and rising demands for packaging and packed goods.


In Egypt, there are more than 1200 plastics manufacturers who are all eager to the utmost developments in plastics machinery & technologies as Egypt consumed 2.1 million tonnes of polymers in 2017 as the largest African polymer consuming country to be followed by South Africa, Kenya and Algeria with 1.84, 1.02, 0.81 million tonnes respectively.


Qatar has lately been very active in petrochemical & plastics industries with a government-financed bunch of companies established in the last decade. The region is known to be the largest source for plastics raw materials and due to the increasing demands for end products, more new factories are under-construction.


Some regional African countries like Kenya, are also taking bold strides towards manufacturing with more foreign investment in polymers with demands exceeding 1 million tones. The North African countries are also topping African demands of plastics like Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia reaching 980,000 – 902,000 and 866,000 tonnes respectively.


Neighboring countries specially in the Gulf region, are importing their plastics end products either from Europe, Far East or neighboring countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. The packaging industry in the region consumes over a large proportion (50% in Egypt) of the total annual consumption of various types of plastic raw materials. The main portion of which is oriented to food packaging plastics.



Egypt, the Perfect Strategic Venue for PLASTEX 2018:


One of the most important advantages of PLASTEX 2018 is that it will be held in Egypt, the gateway to the whole MENA region. Egypt has the largest production capacity of all countries in Africa.


The plastics industry in Egypt is growing steadily a with over 2.1 million tonnes) followed by South Africa (with just under 1.5 million tonnes). There are substantial opportunities for foreign manufacturers to start or expand their business in Egypt.


With its 91+ million population, Egypt is the largest polymer market in Africa accounting for over 20% of demand in 2016. Its polymer consumption is estimated at 2 million tones with per capita consumption of 21.8 kg/head. The Egyptian Division of Plastics affiliated to the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) stated that the total market volume of plastics in Egypt is US $ 4.03 bn and total investments are reaching about US $ 4 bn.


Egypt consumed plastic materials and resins worth nearly US$1.6 billion in 2016. Demand is growing at 7.4% annually and the polymer demand is expected to reach 2.83 million tonnes by 2021 thanks to the growing population demand and the increasing number of newly established projects and mega plants such as SIDPEC, ETHYDCO, EPC, EIPET, E-Styrenics, TCI Sanmar Chemicals, OPC, Tahrir Petrochemicals Corporation and EPPC.


Egypt has as well a large pipe and cable extrusion industry accounting for almost 30% of plastics needs. Packaging accounts for a further 43% of polymer demand. In addition, Egypt automotive industry is the fourth largest in Africa accouting for 15% of the plastics needs.

Indicator 2016
Population (millions) 91.0
Plastics Consumption (000 tonnes) 1,986.1
Per capita consumption (kg/head) 21.8
Nominal GDP (US$ bn) 342.8
Per capita GDP (000 US$) 3.8
GDP Growth (annual % change) 3.8
Consumer Price Inflation (%) 10.2

Source: AMI Consulting

PLASTEX 2018 is this way tapping the business opportunities for machinery manufacturers and exporters to penetrate the market and help them reach agents and/or distributors for their products in the region in addition to catering for the regional plastics needs of end products by allocation a special sector for end product manufacturers and exporters.